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Why Web Agencies Should Use Reseller Hosting

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Reseller hosting, a solution that enables businesses like yours to host the websites of its clients. It provides you with all the storage and computing power you need to provide premium web hosting services under your own brand name with our white-label reseller hosting packages.

With cPanel/WHM, you have total control over your hosting, giving you the ability to manage your clients’ hosting, allocate resources, and set up their websites and email accounts. All of this is possible through the user-friendly interface of cPanel/WHM.

A growing number of businesses, from web designers to online marketing firms, handle their clients’ websites as part of their mandate. In this article, we go through how you can host your clients’ websites to grow your business even more and give your clients more advantages.

What advantages do resellers provide for agencies?

There are several advantages to opening a reseller account; the following are some of the most significant.

1. Hosting without wasting money

The costs involved in starting a web hosting business from scratch would be too high for most companies. A data center would need to be built and staffed. Reseller hosting allows you to host your clients’ websites in our data centers and infrastructure while maintaining your own brand identity. Reseller packages come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to start with an account that meets your needs and then quickly grow when you start hosting more websites.

2. Increased regular income

All of your clients will have to pay for web hosting; however, if they use your business rather than a third party, you will profit from the extra revenue rather than the other host. It provides a consistent stream of income that can help your cash flow, especially during times when your agency is less active because it is ongoing and delivered on a monthly basis.

3. Hosting that satisfies your clients’ requirements

You will have complete control over your reseller account and be able to design hosting plans that will better suit the requirements of your client’s website than the generic hosting options they will find elsewhere. Hosting setup, theme, plugin, and core software installation, software upgrades, and domain, email, and backend maintenance are all things you can offer and bill for.

4. All-in-one store

By including web hosting in your agency’s capabilities, you may simplify things for your clients by turning into a one-stop shop that provides comprehensive solutions for their needs. Having an agency they can rely on to take care of any or all of these needs can be quite attractive to businesses as they are frequently too busy or lack the technical know-how to build, host, advertise, or SEO their websites.

Additionally, it facilitates the development of the connections necessary for your long-term success. Furthermore, you may always outsource the work to another business if you are unable to provide all of the solutions yourself.

5. Technical Support

Even though you might already have hosting experience, reseller accounts are made to make this process as simple as possible. Plans for resellers provide everything you require. It takes care of server monitoring and management as well as the installation and upkeep of hardware and network infrastructure for you.

It also maintains a strong firewall and a collection of security measures to protect your server and the websites of your clients. For added peace of mind, it also offers free daily backups, ensuring that in the event of a crisis, you can swiftly restore your server and the websites of your clients.

Furthermore, you are never alone yourself when it comes to solving technological problems. As a Webhosting UK reseller, you get access to 24/7/365 technical support, so if you or one of your clients run into a problem that needs fixing, there will be a pro there to help you out right away.

What else does a reseller plan include?

Reseller plans provide unlimited bandwidth, addons, databases, and subdomains in addition to up to 100GB of storage, cPanel/WHM, and up to 100 cPanel accounts for your clients. You will be able to design customized hosting plans with your own price structure and will have white-label branding so none of your clients will be aware that you offer reseller hosting. You may administer the websites for your clients using cPanel/WHM. Additionally, you’ll receive a 99.9% uptime minimum that is SKA-guaranteed.


Reseller hosting is a fantastic opportunity for web businesses wishing to broaden their offerings and increase their revenue. It can strengthen customer connections and turn out to be financially rewarding while also assisting you in delivering a one-stop shop for your clients and a consistent source of cash.


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