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Developing a Content Marketing Strategy Check List

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You can use content marketing to expand your company, but only if you base your decisions on data and study the strategies of other companies. Prioritize starting your content marketing engine, then take a step back and make little changes to boost conversions.

Where do you begin now that we’ve discussed the eight steps needed to develop a content marketing strategy? A helpful checklist can make this procedure simpler and more effective.

To help you get started, here is a checklist for your content marketing strategy:

Keyword Research

Make sure you have a long list of keywords associated with your brand, services, or goods. So that you never run out of content, keep this list continually updated with fresh keyword suggestions.

Content Goals

What do you hope to accomplish by sharing content? Every piece of material may have a different objective. For example, one objective might be to build topic authority, while another objective might be to convert leads.

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Content Length

How long should your articles be, in your opinion? Because it is regarded as being more complete, long-form material frequently gains more momentum in the SERPs. Keep the content brief if the issue doesn’t require 5,000 words, though.

Style Guide

Make a style guide to ensure that the voice, tone, and presentation of every piece of content are consistent. Include information about brand names’ spelling and capitalization, the number of photos to use with each piece, and the number of subheadings to employ.

Pillar Pages

Maybe you should make pillar pages. These are expert-level articles that focus on your top-choice keywords. Throughout all of your content, link to your pillar pages.

How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Non-Text Content

To complement your text-based content, take into account producing films, infographics, and interactive content. To make your articles more interesting, you can incorporate these sections within them.

Writing and Revising

Create a strategy for writing and editing material so that it accurately represents your greatest work. Any member of your team can be given these responsibilities, or you can outsource them if necessary.

Target Audience

A specific subset of your target market should be the focus of each piece of content you create.


Choose your content promotion strategy. Email marketing, influencer outreach, and other tactics can all be part of your content marketing strategy for promotion.

To ensure that you stay on course, feel free to use our checklist for a content marketing strategy as often as necessary. In order to attract a new audience or reflect new objectives, you can also change your strategy.

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A content marketing strategy does not appear out of thin air. Making something requires time and effort.

You can improve your content marketing approach by learning more about how your material performs. Run A/B testing to improve your home page, landing pages, and blog posts, as well as to test various CTAs.

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